Best Golf Grips – Buying Guide 2021

Are you excited about playing golf for the first time? You might also be hoping to become the best golfer the world has ever had. However, you are worried about your performance in the last few sessions. You might have hit everything, including the wedges, and used rough grips that left you with blisters on your hands. Do not feel embarrassed or develop migraines from overthinking about your mistakes. Professional golfers make such mistakes too. The experts rarely repeat their mistakes because they quickly change their grips once they make a blunder. You should also do the same and observe the positive impact a right grip will have on your performance.

Did you keenly listen to your coach’s advice about grips? Yes, you did, but it is normal not to grasp all the concepts at a go. You have made a wise decision to check on the in-depth internet information about golf grips. Learning by yourself enables you to understand things better than being taught. Moreover, you are only refreshing your mind on the things you already know, and you will also find everything discussed here is easy to understand if you are yet to join a training session.

Types of Golf Grips

What is a golf grip? It is the top section of the golf club that players hold in their hands. The grip is usually made from a single and hollow piece of rubber sliding over the top portion of the club’s shaft. When choosing a grip, it is all about personal preferences. What works for you might not work for the other person and vice versa. Test a grip several times before you buy one. Understand that the market has velvet, composite, wrap, cord, and hybrid grip styles for you to select. Which golf grips are best for me? Here is a compiled list of grips for you to choose.

Rubber Grips

Rubber grips are made from a strong PVC or Rubber. These materials are durable, highly effective solutions no matter what your specific application may be. Nitrile Rubber (NBR) is high resistance to abrasion and good barrier properties against oil and grease. Latex/ Natural Rubber (NR) has high elasticity, which is retained even at low temperatures. On the other hand, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC or VINYL) is suitable for working in wet and rugged conditions.

1. IOMIC Sticky 2.3

If you notice that others are leaving you behind on the green, check your IOMIC grip to ensure authenticity. A hard, dry, and slick IOMIC grips are fake. Thailand and Japan made authentic IOMIC grips.

IOMIC Sticky 2.3 is about 10 3/4″ in length, and you can also find the midsize and oversize UV resistant versions. IOMIC Sticky 1.8 is for small hands, 2.3 version is for normal-sized hands, while the larger hands would need the IOMIC Sticky Mid. IOMIC Sticky Jumbos are available for people with bear-sized paws.

The grip’s torque is excellent; hence the grip will not twist in your hands. Players who wear gloves to prevent twisting their hands are most probably using grips with poor torque. The disadvantage of such grips is that the golfer will make many inconsistent shots. IOMIC’s elastomer construction lends the hands a soft feel and firm texture to strengthen the torque.

2. Honma STM Rubber Grip

You will fall in love with the Honma STM rubber grip as soon as you install it on our club because it feels firm and provides the highest level of tack you will ever find on a grip. The high-tech materials on its surface and evenly spaced indentations give it the right amount of grip while preventing it from being overpowering.

The grip is at the top when it comes to performance because the low torque and reduced twisting of the hands will improve your shots’ accuracy, especially the heel or toe shots. The grip’s feedback is at the right level; hence you will have an easy time noting the kind of shot you just hit. You can tell if you made a good or bad shot with this grip because the dreaded sting in your hands is a clear indication that you made the wrong shot.

It is possible to play with this grip in inclement weather without a rain glove because it sheds water and dries off quickly, thus providing you with confidence for making perfect swings. Moreover, the grips don’t seem to get dirty from oil and dust easily.

3. SuperStroke S-Tech

The swing grip of choice for Jordan Spieth and Sergio Garcia. The S-Tech is designed for golfers who demand the ultimate in feedback and control. The grip’s traction is surprisingly as good as its durability level. Regular cleaning is a great way to maintain its tackiness and performance. Wipe the grip with warm soapy water to clean it. The material on the grip’s surface is water-proof and absorbs shock.

The grip is also easy on your hands, and it offers you a gentle reminder about hand position.

Do not believe the misconception that SuperStroke S-Techs are typically aimed at females and seniors because anyone can use them regardless of gender and age.

Why do golfers love SuperStroke S-Tech grip even when it is heavier than the standard off-the-rack grip? It is a trick that most experienced players do not like to share with their playmates. Understand that a light putter grip makes the club feel heavier during your stroke, while a heavy grip feels lighter and easy to manipulate during the stroke.

4. Sniper Skin Grip

Upgrade your game with a custom fit, personalized Sniper Skin grip. Sniper Skin is proudly patented, engineered, and made in Canada. A grip that moves or shifts on the stick while playing is irritating. You will not experience this problem using a Sniper Skin grip because it shrinks and wraps completely around the stick’s shaft to lend it a perfect fit.

The foam strip and rubber rings allow the players to decide how to place their fingers and hands on the stick. Moreover, the added foam strips add cushioning and widen that surface arrest to accommodate big hands. You can decide not to use the foam strip if you prefer thinner flat grips.

The grip feels like silicon, and its borderline feels like plastic. The hold offers some comfort in the finger grip, which the thick rubber ring keeps your hands on the stick. You can use a Sniper Skin grip with a longer knob that goes further down the stick so that your palm rests over its top.

Do not rely so much on the grip’s tackiness because your hands may slip off it more often than you suppose while playing the game. The grip needs more friction and tackiness, especially the Sniper Skin Blade wrap grip.

5. Champkey Grips

Customized Champkey grips are available in multiple colors. You can have names, images, or numbers printed on it. The supplied foam rings, rubber rings, and rubber ends are customizable to fit your hands and fingers’ size. Increase the grip’s width using the foam strip if you like dampening, thicker feel.

The grip’s responsive material offers accurate feedback. While the grip’ cotton thread technology makes its upper half feel soft on the hand, the brushed cotton prevents the grip from slipping in your hands, thus enhancing your swing’s effectiveness. Additionally, the grip’s micro-texture improves traction while adding comfort.

Its standard tapered profile decreases the grip’s size from top to bottom, and your lower hand touches a responsive material that provides excellent feedback and reduces the pressure in your hand. The grip has 13 to 15 tapes, a vise clamp, 5oz solvent, and a hook blade. However, the tape needs replacement, and the grip becomes slick over time. Moreover, regripping is time-consuming. Choose the Champkey multi compound golf grips despite the cons that come with them because there are no perfect grips out there.

6. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Align

Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Align is amazing because it gives you a lovely feel and has excellent shock absorption. Moreover, it stays tacky for a long time. The grip allows you to simulate the feel of four extra tape layers under its lower part and make a swing at high speed.

The raised channel along the tour-proven grip’s bottom gives players a reference ridge that supports repeatable and consistent hand positions. The multi-compound Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Align versions are now available. It has both cord and rubber for all-weather use. You cannot install Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Align or any other regular grip on a bubble shaft. Install the grip on a bubble grip that is fairly close to the diameter of the butt end of the shaft.

Corded grips

Cord-styled grips have interwoven cord fabric through the surface of the grip for traction and more firmness. The grips are a better choice when playing in difficult weather conditions because of their soft feel and durability. Some have a cord portion near the club’s head or a rubber portion at the butt end.

1. Shabier Grips

Shabier grips are destined for golfers who are determined to improve every detail of their golf game. There is nothing worse than playing in the rain or shine using a grip that slips right in the middle of the downswing. The fine quality hand-stitched exterior and soft inner material give golfers the best grip ever. Moreover, the materials absorb the moisture from the air or your skin to provide you with a soft, tacky grip. The natural quality and breathability of the materials ensure the grip will have long-lasting durability.

2. Lamkin Players Cord Golf Grip

If rumors about Lamkin discontinuing the Players Cord series turn out to be true, you can replace your old Lamkin Players Cord grip with the updated Lamkin Crossline. Moreover, you can always buy two or three Lamkin players cord golf grip to last you for years to come.

The grip is made of highly durable synthetic rubber, and it is ideal for all weather conditions. The traditional-taper standard size and a reduced-taper standard plus size with a larger lower hand are available with or without the cord. Better players prefer the grip because its large amount of cord reduces torque. It is less aggressive and has a smoother full-cord grip with subtle hand alignment features, including the light surface pattern and softer cord fabric. Meanwhile, the traditional black style with an understated hand placement feature is designed for shot-shaping grip alignment.

3. Lamkin Comfort Plus

Lamkin Comfort Plus grips generally have patented rubber blends that feel softer toward the grip butts and firmer toward the tips. The blend gives the hands maximum feedback to figure out what to adjust on the next stroke. The softness allows you to grab the grips lightly and naturally “lock-in” your top hand to make consistent and repeatable strokes.

4. Golf Pride Z GRIP Plus2

Golf Pride ZGRIP Plus2 users confess that the grip feels like less taper is installed in it. It is less soft than a Tour Velvet but still offers a perfect to the hands. It is a firm and heavily-corded grip with maximum feedback and traction. The grip’s cord and the Z texture and pattern’s combination make it more outstanding than the standard Tour Velvet.

The grip was traditionally in white and black, but Golf Pride now has them in more bold and attractive colors. Those with sensitive hands should stay away from it because it offers maximum traction. The Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord standard weighs 50.5 grams, while the midsize model weighs 57.5 grams.

5. Cadero Grips

The exquisite Cadero grip’s features will improve your game. The grip is constructed from rubber, which allows you to practice the ideal hand placement to improve your swing and upgrade your golfing skills. If you do not feel the rib through your fingers, you have got too much up in the palm, which is a real problem for most golfers today.

The grip is great for golfers of every level because it allows one to make simple, fun, and addictive swings for the best results. Choose the right Cadero grip because the wrong one will reduce flexibility in your left wrist. It should also give you firmness in the right hand and softness in the left hand when you are playing in cool and wet weather.

6. Golf Pride Pro Only

They have a tacky and consistent surface with no seams or variable textures. Golf Pride Pro Only grips vary in size to meet the preferences of different customers. While most golfers are pushing for bigger and broader grips, some Golf Pride Pro Only models suit players who need small-sized and lightweight grips. A grip that is too large for you to hold stifles shot distance, limits wrist pronation, and can make you slice or push the shot.

The smallest grip (red star) in the Pro Only family measures 72cc and weighs 74.5g. It has an arched paddle for placing the thumb and a slight “pistol kick” in the heel pad. The midsize grip (blue star) comes in at 72cc and 74.5g, followed by an 81cc and 82g green star Pro Only design.

Wrap Golf Grips

Wrap grips imitate the original style of leather grips that used strips of leather wrapped around the shaft. Today, manufacturers use modern materials to create a soft surface texture that provides a tacky touch instead of leather.

1. Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

The CP2 line has two models, Pro (Red) and CP2 Wrap (Blue). The CP2 wrap has a similar diamond pattern to the CP2 CP2 Pro. However, the CP2 pro lacks the coil or wrap appearance that runs down the entire CP2 wrap’s length. Moreover, CP2 wrap has blue and white graphics. The two grips accommodate players with distinct texture preferences. CP2 Wrap is for golfers who appreciate the softness and comfort delivered in a classic wrap design, while CP2 Pro offers a straight, texture grip pattern. The top of both grips has the greatest amount of swing pressure.

Ladies love Golf PrideCP2 Pro undersize grips. They are the next size down from the Standard grips. These grips are high-performance but not overbearingly bold. The textured finish has a smooth “tread” look with nice red and white accents as the finishing. Follow the red line that extends down the grip on the top half to align the grip during installation.

Golf Pride CP2 Pro has enough tack and excellent response because it handles club vibration nicely. The new reduced taper on CP2 Pro makes the grip fit in the hands much better. It also has the new 2.5″ inner control core stabilizer to increase stability and reduce torque without using the core in the grip.

2. Saplize Golf Grip

You will either encounter a soft, medium, or firm feel while holding a grip. Firm grips provide more feedback (firmness) to the hands, while soft grips absorb the impact your hands put on the grip and provide you with more comfort. If you have arthritis or feel pain in your hands while making a swing, use Saplize golf grips. They are large-sized soft golf grips with stable cores. The grip’s stable core will produce minimal torque to protect you from twisting your hands during the swing.  

3. SuperStroke Traxion Wrap Grip

Golf grips aren’t meant for lifetime usage, therefore, do not make the permanent fixtures in your golf club. Replace them when they get slick. What are the best replacements other than the SuperStroke Traxion Wrap grips? The idea to find grips that offer better firmness and reduce the tension in your hands. SuperStroke Skull models offer more than what you need.  

Besides the firmness and less tension, the grips lend the hands lighter pressure to help you make the swing faster and more comfortably. What do you think would happen if everyone in the golf club would use these grips? You may not believe this, but the tournament will progress faster because the players can make swings faster and cover more rounds in the shortest time possible. Therefore, If you are managing a golf club, here is a tip to use so that all players get enough time to play.

4. Golf Pride Tour Wrap MicroSUEDE

Tour Velvet from Golf Pride’s flagship made the velvet-styled grips. It is a light-textured repeating rubber cross pattern on the grips that make the player feel at ease while enjoying solid traction. Use this grip if you are up for the challenge of finding 36 holes or spending a whole day on the range because it is gentle on the hands. You will also notice how comfortable and firm the grip feels even when the golf course is wet or your hands and sweaty.

The wrap-style grip with a visible matte finish has a less tacky feel and improved traction because Golf Pride wanted it to become one of the company’s lineup of high-performance golf grips. A Tour Wrap MicroSUEDE’s softer and more classic wrap pattern is better than that of the previous Golf Pride wrap models. Moreover, its soft grey color is pleasing to look at, and the finish appears cool and dry. It neither feels extra pillowy nor too sticky on the hands. Find the Golf Pride logo at the base of the grip and around the butt end. It is the most used grip on the field.

5. Geoleap Wrap grip

Your favorite ribbed grips are back. It is one of the most basic/standard-looking grips; hence it is widely used in golf. The updated versions have more dazzling colors but with minimal branding. The top half smooth wrap pattern is specifically meant to enhance your performance.

A Geoleap Wrap grip without a logo is perfect for clubs with adjustable hosels that rotate to one position or another. You can install the grips on irons without aligning the logo.

The Geoleap Wrap grip has more durability and tack than a regular grip and does not get slick in the hands when it is wet or a little dirty. The grip’s soft and firm feeling in all weather conditions is its signature feel.

6. Honma Wrap Grips

Honma Golf USA meets Japanese craftsmanship with traditional American golf. Japanese artisans established Honma in Japan over 60 years ago, and the company has a factory in Sakata. Their clubs and grips provide you with unmatched precision, power, and beauty for every golf game you play.

A Honma wrap grip is locked and stays in shape throughout the entire swing because underneath the Honma wrap grip’s soft and tacky polyurethane layer is a firm rubber core that makes it feel solid and easier to control. Moreover, it has a larger and more noticeable profile to give your hands a superb feel. If you want a lot more size in the palm and on the lower hand, use Honma wrap grips.

7. WINN Dri-Tac Wrap grip

The contour-profiled classic wrap-style design grips, such as the WINN Dri-Tac grips, are the best golf grips for rain because they are extremely durable. Ensure that the grip is also 100% UV resistant because this element will protect it from fading and cracking when exposed to the scorching sun and UV rays. The grip’s polymer materials and scientifically engineered tread pattern provide performance, comfort, and shock absorption with an exceptional non-slip feel in all-weather conditions.

8. Lamkin Wrap Grip

Lamkin’s Wrap-Tech blends fashion with function. The super-tacky ACE material features a proprietary double-helix pattern for grip comfort and control. The grip’s dual textures include a smooth spiral for comfort and a high-traction spiral for enhanced control. At the same time, the patented ACE compound engineered design brings out unmatched vibration control and tackiness. The grip accommodates players who wear gloves because of the slight roughness on the exterior and wrap-styling. Additionally, its added traction is for superior wet-weather performance.

9. SuperStroke Soft Wrap TC

You will discover that the SuperStroke Soft Wrap TC grip is easy to groove into a consistent pocket. Quiet down your wrists by putting the larger profile and firmness under your bottom hand before you make a swing. The secret technique will help you achieve more squared club faces but expect varying results.

The Spyne technology runs down the grip’s back and embosses into the grip. It creates the appearance of a normal reminder on the grip to enable you to index the club the same way every time you are on the golf course.

Putter Grips

Do you change grips constantly because you are yet to find the perfect one? If yes, you have probably never tried out putter grip models. Beware, these grips are more outstanding than the usual grip you grew up with since many captivating things are going on with them.

These grips are tacky enough and offer a stable feel and comfort. You will discover the undeniable difference between quality and wack grips within a week of using these grips.

1. WINN Jumbo Size Putter Grip

Ensure that you have the right grip size. The WINN jumbo size putter grip’s size is important because players’ hands have varying shapes and sizes. You need to occasionally change the rubber on the grip to experience the best performance.

Don’t hold the grip too tightly because a soft and slick feel is vital for overall performance. The cord and rubber combination is ideal for control, responsiveness, and moisture management. Moreover, the grip takes pride in possessing decent feedback levels and superb traction. Although the ball might run on the baked fairways, the grip will significantly improve your driving distance.

New WINN jumbo size putter grip grips or any other brands should not twist at the core end. If they do, it might be because they were not installed with an ample solvent, or the installer removed the wax paper that backs off the double-sided tape. An improperly fitted grip can cost a player 3-4 strokes per round. Consult a grip expert to tighten the grip at the core end so that it stops twisting.

2. Odyssey Putter Grip

The Odyssey Jumbo Putter Grip suits big hands, arthritic conditions, and players who need more stability with their putting stroke. It has semi-pistol shaping, and the soft, tactile construction material enhances the feel. Furthermore, it is an excellent putter grip for more stability and control. The wrap-style grip is designed with Taper Control Technology to create a larger lower-hand section to minimize grip pressure during the swing.

You will be delighted by how the grip features a minimal-taper design to promote faster swing speeds to provide a more enhanced feel with great performance. You will also note that the grip has a more natural and consistent squared face. Odyssey Quilted Women’s Putter Grip features bold styling, enhanced feel, and versatile design.

3. Mizuno golf grip

Mizuno golf grip is for golfers seeking the ultimate comfort from a swing grip. Would you be delighted to play an entire season with a single grip and still feel comfortable? You have found the perfect grip to achieve this. Some of the grip’s users long for more colorways to the midsize Mizuno grips.

You do not need to add extra tape to the lower portion of the grip to get the right grip shape for comfort because the grip has enough tape built into its shape. Installing the grip is much easier because of the built-in tape. Furthermore, the grip has a consistent hand placement. The eye-catchy graphics around the entire grip and the recognizable Mizuno branding near the bottom brings out the grip’s unique beauty.

4. Karma Standard Velvet Golf Grips

Building up the grip’s lower part with extra tape reduces over-gripping and increases swing control and accuracy. Reduced taper grips simulate extra tape wraps in the grip’s lower hand, whereas the non-tapered grips have a consistent diameter down the grip. Some players find themselves torn in between grip sizes and tapping style.

5. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align is one of the most solid performers in golfing history. The grip’s lower hand’s taper size and core weight are perfect for swing weight purposes. Additionally, it is a better fit in your hand; hence, you won’t be fidgeting and breaking your wrists.

The multi-thread, soft, tacky cord on the top offers you maximum club control with a soft feel. Moreover, the soft feel comes from the combination of two types of rubber molded into the grip. The firm core feels rubbery and spongy, while the top is flatter than the contour because the SENSR grip slightly slopes towards the butt end.

6. Lamkin Z5 Standard Golf Grip

These multi-compound grips are the best for all weather conditions. Installation is easy because the grips seem to slide on more easily with less solvent. They also come in several colors for you to select. Lamkin Z5 Standard golf grips are very durable; therefore, they do not need regular replacement, unlike the other grips you ever tested.

7. IOMIC X Golf Grips

IOMIC X golf grip provides you with an optimal feel on the greens, thus allowing you to roll the rock to the best of your ability. The adjustable weights in the pistol counterbalance your spider putter. You will also love how your fingers feel relaxed around the bottom of the pistol and how it stabilizes your wrists.

The grip is close to the US standard size with an outer diameter of 22.3mm. IOMIC X-Fusion Diarrow 2.3’s name comes from a combination of Diamond and Arrow. The grip has a unique five-layer construction that comprises the top soft rubber layer, followed by a microfiber layer, a firm rubber layer, another microfiber layer, and a final layer of firm rubber.

The five-layer construction provides a soft feel while the firm rubber creates maximum adhesion to the shaft, hence, less twisting. At the same time, the microfiber layers increase strength to the construction and reduce torque.

8. Scotty Cameron Golf Putter Grip

It is easy to adjust the grip on the fly. You will be able to execute shots around the greens without experiencing slippage if you hold it well. Moreover, this lightweight grip enables you to effortlessly take full cuts off the tee because it is soft and has enough cushions. You can use a Scotty Cameron golf putter grip for years without replacement. They are simply irreplaceable because of their feel and control combination.

The firmer upper and softer lower sections create two different zones for control and feel. While the upper section helps lock the grip in your hand, the lower offers touch and feel. You will always find your way back whenever you try out something new.

Is the grip’s durability your biggest concern? Do not worry about its lifespan because the massive positive customer reviews on online stores’ are enough proof that it is a long-lasting grip. If you do not believe online reviews, confirm from skilled golfers and coaches about Scotty Cameron golf putter grip’s durability reputation. They are a bit more expensive than an average putter grip, but their durability is the most important thing.

Finding the Right Golf Grips for Your Irons

Consider several vital facts before buying a grip for your irons. Golf grips are round, ribbed, or have alignment shapes. Round and rubber grips are popular because users can orient the grip whichever way they prefer. The small protruding ridge/rib on the ribbed grip is oriented along the shaft’s spine. The rib (also called a reminder) enables the player to feel where the grip’s bottom so they properly place their hands on the grip before making a swing. A modern rib design is called an Alignment or Calibrate. It is a distinct ridge that runs along the golf grip’s full length. Traditionally all swing grips were tapered, but reduced taper and non-tapered are currently available.

1. Best value: Karma Velvet 13-Piece Bundle

Karma Velvet 13-Piece Bundle grips are identical to the Golf Pride Tour Velvets and Lamkin Crosslines. You can put them on an older set of irons to save money on buying new irons. Karma Velvet 13-Piece Bundle grips possess excellent value, and a single set, minus the putter, costs lower than other brands. Furthermore, Karma Velvet’s jumbo size is slightly bigger than the Golf Pride Tour Velvet midsize grip and slightly smaller than a Lamkin Crossline grip.

All the 13 identical, black, and soft rubber Karma grips have hundreds of small blot-shaped treads that optimize friction. They are also budget-friendly for regular golfers, unlike other grips that quickly wear out when used regularly. It will help you improve downswing, reduce tension, increase power, and perform better under all weather conditions.

2. Best for Iron: Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

They are excellent grips in dry weather. Although they get sticky easily, you can wipe off the dirt easily with a dump piece of cloth rather than soaking the grip. The grips’ firmness is just right because they are neither too soft nor too hard. If you are not a gloves person, Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G is the best for you because wiping it down will revive the tack.

Researchers discovered that golfers’ claims about the balls covering more distances while playing in summer than in winter are not myths. It is a fact that a ball goes about a yard and a half further when temperatures drop by ten degrees celsius.

Choose Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G, especially when you live in a climatic region with high moisture levels because of its high moisture resistance. The grip will provide you with non-slip performance and lasts longer because moisture-resistant materials are protected from being damaged by water and moisture.

3. Best for Drivers: Golf Pride New Decade Multicompound MCC Plus 4 Standard Grip

Some people are more sensitive to weight than others. According to them, a heavier grip changes the swing weight. Therefore, the players add weight to the head, powder in the shaft tip, or even add a lead tape to offset this. You do not have to do all these things because they already seem complicated and challenging. Instead, try out the Golf Pride MCC PLUS4 on one club and observe the difference.

The New Decade MultiCompound MCC Plus4 Standard Grip comprises a hybrid material, a brushed cotton cord, and soft rubber for driving purposes. The grip feels comfortable in the hands and has a reliable tack. You might find it strange because it is larger on the bottom than the top, but a larger bottom makes the grip feel lighter.

4. Best for Putters: SupersStroke Legacy 3.0

Super Stroke makes great grips, and this one is no exception. It gives you an option of adding more weight to the butt end, but most users find it perfect as it is. There is no need for adjustments unless you want to risk damaging it. The thick grip with colors, ranging from white, black, red, yellow to blue, reduces tension on the wrists and forearms because it allows one to make a looser putt into the hole while the hands parallel each other.

The 1.3-inch diameter putter grip is popular on the tour because SuperStroke took care of the tacky feel you desire to experience on this grip. All you need is a wet towel to dry the grip when it feels sticky. Moreover, be careful not to use an extra-large SuperStroke Legacy grip because this might reduce feedback on your hands a little too much for your liking. The exterior grip lasts long, and consider getting a plastic tube so that pulling your putter out of the bag is much easier.

5. Best for Small Hands: Ping ID-8 Undersize Grip

You will make many meaningless strokes with a grip whose size does not match your hands. Furthermore, your hands will turn sore if the grip is bigger than your hands. Ping ID-8 Udersize grip is densely packed with 360-degree tire-like treads for better control and tack using small hands.

When choosing a Ping or any other grip based on its size, check its outer and inner diameter. The outer diameter and inside diameter are two different things. Most golf grips have 0.600″ or 0.580″ inside diameter because their shafts’ outer diameters also fall under this size range.

It is common to see club-builders install a 0.580″ core size grip onto a 0.600″ butt diameter shaft; thus, slightly increasing the grip’s outer diameter. However, undersize or junior grips have smaller outer diameters; therefore, their shafts range from 0.500″ to 0.560″, while larger grips have around 0.800″ or larger shafts.

6. Best for Big Hands: Golf Pride CP 2 Jumbo

Composite style is popular on Winn Dri-tac and Golf Pride CP2 grips. The tacky and smooth surface with visually-enhanced patterns offers the golfer a non-slip grip. When checking the grip’s outer diameter, understand that Golf Pride CP 2 and other grips’ brands come in six different Outer diameter sizes because human hands and fingers have different sizes and shapes. Although every manufacturer has a slightly different definition of the diameter size, they offer standard-sized grips. A grip from one manufacturer is slightly larger or smaller than the competitor’s grips.

The golf grip sizes include standard, midsize, jumbo/oversize, undersize, and junior. The standard sizes are generally around 1″ in diameter. In contrast, the mid and jumbo sizes vary with a range of around +1/8″ to +3/8″ larger in diameter. Undersize and junior grips fall below 1″ in diameter. Standard and midsize grips were popular before players gradually shifted to the jumbo sizes because they reduce grip pressure on the hands. Please hold and test an installed grip for a few days before changing the entire set.

7. Best for Sweaty Hands: Lamkin Crossline Golf Grips

The entire grip is generally soft, smooth, slightly cushioned, and has a tacky touch. It is perfect for dipping your toe into the rib because it absorbs shock and feels gentle on the hands. Moreover, the grip’s rib has simpler esthetics than ribs in other grips, and the Spyne is slightly raised and feels smoother than the rest of the grip.

The manufacturer assures you that the minimal taper on the grip helps golfers use hand pressure to swing the grip faster and square the clubface more naturally. Another advantage is Lamkin Crossline golf grips last longer than you can imagine. The grip looks and feels brand new even after years of usage and making more than 150 swings.

Golf grip manufacturers keep producing new and improved models of grips. If you find a golf grip that suits almost all your preferences, you do not need to abandon it for a new model.

Consider your performance on the greens more than looking stylish. However, consider upgrading to grips that have new technology such as GPS tracking systems. The hybrid grips style is the latest in the golfing world. It is a combination of rubber and cord materials. The grips’ lower hand has soft rubber, while the cord is on the upper hand for traction to make it easy for you to control the grip. You can also try out the grips with a coarse and abrasive feel, for they also provide more hand traction and gripping confidence.

FAQs about Golf Grips

Research more about grips from types, durability, maintenance, and replacement. Here are answers to golfers’ frequently asked questions about grips:

1. How often should I regrip my clubs?

The heat, oils, dirt, and moisture constantly break down your grip’s materials; therefore, regrip your clubs after every 40 rounds if you are a regular player or once per year if you are an occasional player. DIY saves money, but beginners should allow professional club fitters to handle the issue.

2. What are the best golf grips for sweaty hands?

Use rubber grips if your hands are sweaty. Before enlisting golf grips that suit sweaty hands, there are alternative solutions to sweaty hands if you are not financially prepared to buy one of these grips now. Carry two or three sweat-absorbent gloves or waterproof gloves. Remember to carry extra towels for wiping the grip and your hands. These are the best grips for sweaty hands:

  1. WINN Golf Club Grips Dri-Tac
  2. Team Golf NCAA Golf Putter Grip
  3. Golf Pride Z Grip Cord Grip
  4. Golf Pride MCC Plus 4
  5. Wosofte Golf Grips Set
  6. Champkey MCS Golf Grips
  7. Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip
  8. Winn Midsize Dry-Tec 13 Set Putter Grip
  9. Karma Velour Junior Black Putter Grip
  10. Winn X Pro 1.18 1.32 And 1.60 Golf Putter Grips

3. What are the best golf grips for small hands?

Most golfers are pushing for bigger grips, but manufacturers have not sidelined players. People with small hands such as teenagers have the best midsize golf grips to use. Here are a few grips recommended for your small hands:

  1. Cleveland Velvet Grip
  2. Winn Dri-Tac Wrap
  3. Lamkin Crossline Undersize 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle
  4. Winn Dri-Tac Undersize Grip Kit
  5. Kingrasp Velvet Solid
  6. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Undersize 0.580 Ribbed
  7. Karma Velvet Tour Pro Golf Grips – Undersize
  8. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2g Undersize
  9. Adams Tour Series
  10. SuperStroke Traxion Flatso Putter Grips

4. What are the best jumbo golf grips?

Jumbo or oversize grips reduce grip pressure and action on the wrist to offer you comfort and relieve pain. They also improve your ball trajectory and are perfect for large hands. You can use these grips:

  1. Avon Chamois Black Jumbo Grip
  2. Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 Oversize Grip
  3. JumboMax STR8 TECH Non-Tapered Tour Series XL Grip
  4. Karma Velour Red Oversize Grip
  5. Lamkin Sonar Oversize Grips
  6. SuperStroke Plus XL Putter Grips
  7. JumboMax Black Wrap Large Grip
  8. Karma Revolution 360 Jumbo Grip
  9. JumboMax Tour Series
  10.  SuperStroke CounterCore Pistol GT Putter Grips

5. How do I regrip my own golf clubs?

Regrip the grip at least four times or twice a year. Adding wraps to the grip makes the club heavier and alters the swing weight. Players Heavy swing weight players do this a lot to alter the overall feel. Here is how they do it:


  • 0.0075 thick Premium Double-sided tape
  • A grip solvent or mineral solvents


  1. If the grip is water-soluble, pour water on the tape and the grip to make the tape adhesive.
  2. Apply the grip or mineral solvent to the first and last layer of tape before wrapping it onto the grip. However, mineral solvents are not so effective for regripping.
  3. Increase your grip size from Standard to Midsize by applying four extra tape wraps onto the grip.
  4. Increase the grip size from Midsize to Oversize/Jumbo by adding five extra wraps on the grip tape.
  5. Increase your grip size from Undersize to Standard by applying two extra wraps of tape on the grip.
  6. It takes about 30 minutes for the tape to dry.

6. Wrapping Up on my best golf grips?

Do not throw the grip away when its wrap comes off but the following things using a double-sided tape and a grip solvent to re-wrap it:

  • Remove old grip and staple using needle-nose pliers or screwdriver.
  • Slide the rubber collar on before wrapping the grip with tape and push it up out of the way.
  • Rotate the grip while wrapping the grip and overlapping about 1/16 inch.
  • When you get to the grip’s other end and cut the remaining tape with a pair of scissors.
  • Apply the grip or mineral solvent to the first and last layer of tape before wrapping it onto the grip. However, mineral solvents are not so effective for regripping.

7. Should I buy a firm or Soft Grip?

Golfers who feel pain in their hands use soft grips. These grips are comfortable and exert less pressure on the hands because they absorb contact impact better than firm grips. However, firm grips provided you with a lighter feel on the club.

8. Should I buy a Round or Ribbed Grip?

A Ribbed or “Reminder” grip reminds the golfer of the club’s right position to set their hands and fingers. The internal rib runs along the length of the grip, promoting consistent hand placement with every shot. Meanwhile, the round grip has a smooth core diameter.

Choose a texture that you are comfortable with. Round grips are smooth, while ribbed grips are slightly rough. Players who do not use gloves prefer smooth to patterned (rough) grips. However, rough offers the player more hand traction and gripping confidence.

9. Are grips water resistant?

Water cannot infiltrate into grips because of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC or VINYL) rubber materials. The Static-Column test determines the level of waterproofing implemented on the grip.

10. When should I be replacing my grip? How long does a typical grip last?

Change grips after six to eight hours of play and replace them one to three times a year. A grip lasts 40 rounds, and one practice session counts as one round.

11. Should I buy a complete grip set for all my clubs or individual grips?

Buy grips of the same thickness if you have large hands and thick grips if you have small hands. If you have large hands, you will push the ball left while small hands hook the ball to the left.

12. How do I properly maintain my grips to make them last longer?

Maintaining your golf grips is easy, but it requires dedication. How can you not value your grip and argue that you value the sport? Here are tips for maintaining the grip:

  • Clean the grips and clubs after each game. Mix a bucket full of water with detergents. Dampen a soft brush, scrubbing pad, or washcloth in the mixture and use either of the three things to scrub the non-buffed grip and the club. Use abrasive scrubbing pads or brushes on buffed rubber grips.
  • Never put them away when they are wet because they will rust and grow mold. Dry them before you store them away.
  • Inspect the grips, shafts, and clubs regularly before they wear out.
  • Use head covers to protect the wood, iron, and drivers.

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