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Welcome to the world of golf in Las Vegas. This web site is dedicated to you – the golfer planning a visit to Las Vegas, and needing information on the courses that are available. This is not a commercial site, and is not supported by any golf course, group, company, or outside source – just me – so you will not see any flashing advertising banners. Nor will you encounter frames – I don’t like them myself, and chose not to use them. And this site is not Java infected – although I like some of the functions. It is just a plain ole site with golf information and my own attempt at setting up a home web page about a subject I enjoy.

Answering questions on the golf news groups ( almost every week ) about different courses in Las Vegas, prompted me to set this site up. This way I can refer them to this site rather than retype notes about the different courses. Of course, I got carried away with the contents of the site and it grew larger than I had first envisioned. So, I had to move to another location (web hosting service ) to continue and include all the score cards and aerial views of the courses.


Las Vegas is famous for gambling ( now called gaming – it sounds less offensive ) and for the top star entertainment. It is also home to Lake Mead, Hoover Dam (aka Boulder Dam), Valley of Fire, the Air Force Thunderbirds, Mt. Charleston Ski Resort, Red Rock Canyon State Park, & the Valley of Fire State Park. We are home to the three largest conventions in the world: Consumer Electronics Winter Show , Comdex Computer Show, The National Association of Home Builders, plus the NFR – National Finals Rodeo – each year.

Sports wise, Las Vegas is kind of different. While were are not slack about our sports, it seems were not that enthused about supporting some of them either. Auto racing, basketball, baseball, hockey and football all have had representation here – at least for a while. Strong support is gathered for a couple of sports though. Home to a first class NASCAR-INDY racetrack – Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a minor league baseball team that was called “The Las Vegas Stars” and was a call-up for the San Diego Padres. On September 27, 2000 they switched to the LA Dodgers. On December 19, 2000, they changed the name of the team to the Las Vegas 51s to mark the transition from being the San Diego Padres’ Triple-A affiliate to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ top farm club. In the area of what has come and gone, we have had a host of football attempts, a couple of hocky and basketball teams. If you would like to see a list of sports and teams that have popped up and what happened to them, go to Las Vegas Sports Teams.

However, what you may not know, is how much of a world class golfing city Las Vegas has become. Just look at who has designed courses here: Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Fazio, Pete Dye Designs, PGA Tour Designs, Schmidt-Curley and a host of PGA Players : Ray Floyd, Chi Chi Rodriques, Billy Casper, Greg Nash, Fuzzy Zoeller, and Johnny Miller. You can find a page listing all the architects and the courses they have designed in Las Vegas at: Course Architects . Just a added note, Hotel Reservations Network, a provider of discount hotel accommodations worldwide, ranked Las Vegas as its most popular destination for 2001. And for the 15th consecutive year, Nevada continued its reign as the nation’s fastest-growing state according to 2001 Census Bureau.


As further evidence of the impact of golf in Las Vegas, you can now earn a bachelor’s degree in recreation with an emphasis on professional golf management at UNLV. Yes, the PGA of America approved (Feb 2002) a professional golf management program at the college – only the 13th college in the USA to have this program! The curriculum includes classes in customer service, personnel management, pro shop operations and food and beverage concession management. Since students who wish to become PGA professionals must ultimately pass a playing aptitude test, UNLV has made arrangements with Walters Golf to allow students in the program to play at Stallion Mountain Country Club or Desert Pines Golf Club at reduced rates. For a little more information on this program, read this article in the Las Vegas Sun: PGA Course at UNLV.

Las Vegas started its connection with professional golf in 1953 at the Wilber Clark’s Desert Inn Hotel and Golf Course, when the winner was paid with a wheelbarrow full of silver dollars. That was a lot of money back then – the richest pay out on the tour! The tournament was called the “Tournament of Champions” ( TOC ), and was the original forerunner of today’s final tour event. Since then, Las Vegas has become deeply connected to tour golf. It was the only city in the U.S. to host the three major tours – The PGA, SPGA, and the LPGA – in the same year and with those tournaments returning to be played every year. In 1996, the Las Vegas area added the Wendy’s 3-Tour Challenge – and has returned every year since. In 2000, the LPGA decided to drop their connection to Las Vegas with the closing of the Desert Inn Country Club. A dumb decision in my opinion, the players loved it, the town loved it, and there are plenty of courses to set up the tournament. And it now looks like the Senior PGA will be loosing it’s tournament here – trouble finding a sponsor for the event. Such a shame, to miss watching up close all the players I watched start up in the PGA. Just a note, I have not missed a tour event in the last 15 years, and I am sure going to miss the variety of golf that the three tours offered.

There are 64 golf courses here for your pleasure all within the Las Vegas area: 32 public, resort and semi-private courses, 16 private courses (of which you can play 15), 3 par 3 courses, 2 specialty driving ranges, plus 13 courses within 1 hour or less drive. Not listed or described on this site, there are 12 other courses that we play less than 2 hours drive in the Saint George, Utah area. There are 5 more courses under construction due to open in 2002 – PLUS 21 courses in vraious planning stages. So, by the end of this year, we will have 68 courses in the valley area to choose from. That may seem like a lot of courses for this city – or any city -, but with almost 1.4 million residents (growing at the rate of 90-100,000/yr) with an estimate of over 125,000 golfers in the Vegas Valley, and 30 million visitors per year with 600,000 of those playing golf, we feel it is still not enough ( but then again – is there ever enough golf courses? ).Within this site, each course has a years worth of rates shown so you can plan when to visit for the cheapest rates. I also have a special “Rates Summary” page that lists the current fees in ascending order for all the courses.

Our weather, for the most part, allows golfing to be enjoyed all year round. With an average of 320+ days of sunshine, rainfall of 4.13″/year, averaging 14 days or less of freezing temperature (and rarely – rarely any snow), you probably will be able to play – whenever you are planning to visit. If you would like to see the daily temperatures for any month during the last year, try this site: Glenn Adams Weather

Currently, the weather is:
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I have included some limited information and links for Las Vegas, the hotels and other attractions that are around the area, but this site is totally for the golf aspect of the city. There really is a lot of other things to see and do in and around Las Vegas, and can be found by doing a search on the web. If you want a really good and pretty complete place for information on Las Vegas, Glenn (from the weather link above) has a site he calls “A Collection of useful data and interesting side trips”. This can be found at: Las Vegas Region.

Most of the course photos and illustrations (except maps) are in thumbnail format. They can be seen in full size by clicking on the image. I don’t like thumbnails, but with somewhere around 75 assorted photos of the courses, etc. (and increasing), I had to do something to shorten the download time. Within this site there are over 250 photos (and increasing) that include the courses, layouts, score cards and maps. It is my goal to have the score card, a layout photo, and at least one photo of all the courses that are featured.

On a personal note, I have lived here since 1962 ( yes, people actually have real lives, work, play and live in this town, and no – I do not work at, or with, a hotel or casino ). I have seen it grow by leaps, bounds and explosions. It has gotten too large, in my opinion, but I must still like it because I keep living here – or maybe I’m just too set in my ways to move. I try to keep up on all the local golf information, course conditions, etc. I play every week, and as my wife says: “no matter what the weather would be – snow, sleet, hail, rain, wind, hot or cold – that man plays golf”. (That’s not really true anymore) I average about 75 – 80 rounds / year, and no matter what my score is – I enjoy the game! My handicap is generally in the mid to high teens, so I’m just an average golfer – but I sure enjoy and have fun at it. My regular Saturday group has dwindled down to now only include my brother-in-law, and every once-in-a-while, a fill-in of one of my sons or a son-in-law or nephew. We play ready golf and that makes a round – even with a foursome – generally take about 3 hours. ( It has gotten to the point that we begin to feel 4 hours is a very slow game. )

I hope you feel that this site is worth the visit and able to furnish some useful information for planning your golfing visit to Las Vegas. May you have fun, enjoy the hospitality and other entertainment available in our City.

This site is updated often to keep the latest information available posted. So you don’t have to scan the entire site to see any changes since your last visit, a summary list of the updates and changes can be quickly reviewed at